Over the Christmas period (which feels like it might as well have been last Christmas now), we all like to have a think about what new projects we want to tackle in the new year. Myself and top audio mastering pal Joe Caithness decided to get together and record a few videos to try and help musicians and people learning about digital audio. We’ve often chatted about the issues we face when getting audio from clients for further recording, mixing or mastering and some of the common problems they encounter. The thing is, digital audio is a complicated science at times and it’s easy to get bogged down in confusing terminology and the wealth of misinformation which is still passed around the internet by other audio people who should know better.

So here’s the first of those videos we made, taking the form of a casual, unscripted discussion about those issues and hopefully, demystifying some things and providing some simple tips aimed at people who would rather get on with making music than worrying about all the stuff you’re paying an engineer to deal with.

The rest of the playlist can be found here:

Sound Grammar - YouTube Playlist

Hit us up in the comments if you have any questions or think we missed something.