This year has been an absolute blur - we’ve been really busy at the studio which has been great. However, I always think it’s important to make a little bit of time to play outside the box a little with some of the gear we have here at Snug and try to spend a day learning and experimenting. In order to force ourselves to take a day out of our schedule, we invited Dan Johnson over with his guitar and pedalboard to see if we could come up with a challenge and try to respond to it in an afternoon.

One of the biggest problems with writing with electronic instruments is that many of them are built around ‘The Loop’. A short phrase that repeats and forms a core element of a song. This can be great in some genres, but it can also get boring quickly and isn’t always very inspiring. We made a short video and a track in an afternoon that tried to respond to that problem in different ways, you can take a peep below.