Ok, so this isn’t about my holidays but as I mentioned in another recent post, it’s been hard to make time to write about some of the cool things we’ve been lucky enough to be involved in over the past few months. So consider this a series of Summer Holiday updates…

Logging a recording session with the London Symphonic Orchestra at Angel Studios

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me! I was enlisted to go down and assist Richard J Birkin with take-logging and assisting for a recording session with the LCO at Angel Studios 3 in Islington. I can’t begin to say how much I loved the place and the incredible sounding room they have there. I learned so much from just sitting quietly in my corner of the control room, watching world class performers trying different techniques to bring these beautiful textures to the material. The combinations of natural acoustic and the beautiful plates and digital reverb units that they employed will give so many options to explore in the mix. I cannot wait for this album to be finished and get released!