Writing and recording music is an incredible process and so much goes into making records, you need people that will share your passion to get the absolute best from your performance. We can take audio recorded in any studio (or bedroom) and bring a fresh perspective employing our years of experience, accurate monitoring and creativity to make things sound amazing. The mixing process is where all of the energy in the recording is meticulously processed with attention paid to all those tiny details that add up to better sounding, more impactful releases that really stand out.

How We Work

The First Step is simple, just talk to us! Tell us what you want from your record and how you want us to help. We’ll have a bunch of questions to fire back at you and by the end of this consultation, everyone will have a good idea of what’s involved and what to expect.

After that, you send us your files, we check the integrity of the audio, ensure there’s no distortion or any other issues that need addressing and get the sessions prepared.

Then, we get to work! Making sure everything is accurately represented, balanced and satisfying. We will communicate with you throughout this process to ensure we’re steering things in the right artistic direction and referencing any existing material you provide.

Finally, we send your mixes over for you to listen to. We provide tools for you to listen on any device and make notes and revisions right in the timeline of each track. No confusing trails of emails, just simple communication right on the audio file itself. Once the mix is approved, you’ll be able to download your full quality files ready for mastering and distribution.



Each record is different and we endeavour to be as affordable as possible for independent artists. Get in touch and we will create a proposal based on the specifics of your project and the value we can bring to your music.

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