How we work

Great audio comes from a bit of careful planning, listening to what you want and working out the best way to get there. We don't believe that there is a right or wrong way of doing things. Each session has a unique process, because your recording should be every bit as individual as you. We think that to develop as artists, we have to learn to experiment and communicate.


Who we are

The studio is owned and run by native Derby Music stalwarts Robin Newman and Richard Collins. We each have over ten years experience of playing in bands, working in recording studios and have various sound & production qualifications on the mantlepiece. We're also friendly people and we love the creative recording process. Which means your session should be both productive and thoroughly enjoyable. 


What we use

We've got a bunch of great tools to help us record your project. Microphones, pre-amps, instruments, amps, synths and all sorts of audio processors and software. We have a selection of high quality monitors and an acoustically treated control room. Perhaps above all else we have decent coffee. We firmly believe that you should choose a studio by listening to its previous work rather than looking at a gear list - so we've not included one here. Let's just say that if you think you need a specific piece of equipment, just ask.